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The growing season at FairHaven Farm is well suited to the growing of garlic, as well as other alliums (scallions, leeks. shallots, onions). We are well known for our wonderful lettuces and greens, which thrive in the cool, moist climate. We are not certified organic, and strive to go beyond the parameters for organic certification as laid out by NOFA-NY. We follow growing practices that place emphasis on natural systems and sustainable practices. All fertilizer used in the vegetable field is made on sight with manures from our grass fed animal herds. Our greenhouse uses a worm (vermiculture) system for vegetable scraps and composting unused greens and leftover garden products. In lieu of pesticides, we interplant heavily with herbs and flowers that naturally repel plant predators. No herbicides are ever used; we rely on mulches to suppress weeds and eliminate competition for nutrients. We encourage pollinators by using cover crops like buckwheat, rape and clover as green manures and forage crops. 

Our produce is marketed both at the farm and farmers markets, and is usually harvested the day that it is sold.

Come out and see us, and taste vegetables at their freshest. 

Our philosophy


Our mission at FairHaven Farm is to raise the healthiest food humanely and sustainably. Our beef herd is 100% grass-fed, which makes for a leaner, healthier product, higher in omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) content than grain-fed or -finished beef. Grass-fed beef also contains significantly more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventionally raised grain-fed beef. Aside from these benefits to the consumer, the animals are healthier due to the fact that their digestive system is designed to process grasses, not grains. Our animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Herd size is kept small to maximize pasture availability ad quality. 

Our pastured chickens are on grass as soon as they are “feathered out”, allowing them access to naturally forage on vegetation and bugs. Because of their fast growth, they are supplemented with grains and minerals. We use organically grown, soy free non-gmo feed. We firmly believe that gmo-free products are best not only for the animals, but for the environment and humans as well. 

The same philosophy applies to our pastured pigs. In addition to feeding a balanced, organically grown grain/mineral blend, the pigs are on pasture and are allowed to root and grub around, doing what pigs do. We also like to regularly rotate our pigs through planted forage plots, typically buckwheat, rape or similar other forage. The pigs are also very useful to clean up sections of the vegetable patch after harvest.

Our meats, as well as our vegetables are available at the farm and at farmers markets. 

Please contact us for availability.


Paso Finos


 Angelina de Alexandra     05/10/2005

PFHA #47,240​


Cambio de Sentido     04/11/2006  (aka "Nick")

PFHA #49,09


 Patricia's Aquila     08/05/2008

PFHA #53,395


Estrella Doncella     06/27/2000

double registered Paso Fino 

PFHA #35,353

Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Federation of America registration #N22JUSA04